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Magnetic Investor Attraction 
 2 Day Workshops 2020
Register NOW for this 2 Day Intensive Workshop and Discover How to Use The EXACT Same Strategy My Students And I Have Used To Magnetically Attract Investors And Raise Millions Of Dollars For Our Real Estate Deals with Confidence and Ease (& without cold-calling, pressure, or seeming 'desperate')
Workshop seating is limited to 30 participants max.
Event Pricing: only $97 (or two for $147).
*100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Attend the ENTIRE Event, and if you aren't thrilled for any reason, let us know for a full refund.  No hassles.  No hard feelings.
Tickets: only $97 (or two for $147)
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Dave Dubeau - Your Host, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Trainer and Consultant.
A Lack Of Capital (and/or Credit) Is The Number 1 Challenge That Keeps 87% of Canadian Real Estate Investors Stuck With Just 1, 2 or 3 Properties In Their Portfolios (If they have any properties at all).
But you and I both know that Real Estate Investing is the absolute BEST way to create the financial independence and freedom that we all desire so much! After all, how many other investments are out there that offer you not one, not two, but SEVEN different ways to profit (the 7 profit centers of real estate)?
You need a certain number of properties or deals to reach your income goal. You realize that without investor's money you cannot accomplish that goal (or at best it will take you decades longer than it should…and who wants to wait DECADES to become financially independent?).
This is EXACTLY why I’ve created this unique full TWO day training and 'doing' experience I'm calling the...

MAGNETIC Investor Attraction 2 Day Workshop.
Here's what a few people (just like) you have to say about Dave's training events...
"I'm retiring next week! people are throwing money at us, and not just a little bit of money either!"
Jamie and Leslie Collard, Ontario, Canada
" works like a charm...she's going to invest about $100,000.  I've had her refer some of her friends too!"
Cory Froc, Ontario Canada
"Dave Dubeau... always delivers more than what you would expect...We've all learned some valuable stuff that's going to make us some money!"
Dave Rathbone, Port Moody, BC
"...with Dave you actually do the work!...that's so valuable"
Karen Kacso, Cochrane, AB
  • Get the BLUEPRINT​- Get immersed in my simple to understand, 5 Step Money Partner Formula process.
  • Already have experience raising money?​ Good!  Come get some great tips and ideas on how to do it faster and easier by getting potential investors to reach out to you instead of chasing after them.  Be seen as the real estate expert you are instead of as 'just another salesperson'.  Like the saying goes..."Little hinges can move BIG doors".  Just one idea you get from this event can help you raise a LOT more capital.
  • Brand new to raising money?​ Great!  Learn how to do it right from the get-go and save yourself years and years of trial and error.  Take your investing to the next level and leap-frog over other real estate entrepreneurs (even much more experienced ones) who don't know what you will be learning.
  • Discover Your Ideal Money-Partner​- Know exactly who you should and should NOT raise money from
  • ZERO Grovelling for Money... Banish the thought of cold-calling forever! Simply putting into motion a few simple marketing pieces will get potential investors calling YOU, eager to invest in your deals.
  • Socialize Profitably -  Meet and network with other like-minded real estate entrepreneurs from around the country (and who knows…you might even meet a potential JV partner?)
  • Confidence! - Knowing what to say and how to say it means you will be able to hit the ground running and start bringing investors on board as soon as you get back home!
  • And so much more...!
Here's what others say about attending Dave's Investor Attraction Training...
"Dave...makes it easy for those of us that aren't 'techie'
Joe Migadel, Calgary, AB
" get a lot of work done at the workshop that you wouldn't normally do on your own"
Lona Chow, Edmonton, AB
"...what you need to become an attractive individual to do investments with."
Richard Bolt, Calgary, AB
Real Estate Investors, Just Like You, Share What They Thought About The Magnetic Investor Attraction Training.
WOW!  Check Out EVERYTHING You Get...
The Magnetic Investor Attraction Workshop: 

=> Ticket to attend what many are calling “the hottest Attracting Investors event in Canada”
=> Network & connect with other movers & shakers like yourself in the real estate arena
=>  Discover the latest cutting edge strategies, tips, & tools.
=>  Learn in a small, friendly group environment (30 ppl max).

                          A $1,000.00 Value - FREE!
The More Deals NOW! Deal Attraction Marketing System.
=>  A complete & comprehensive marketing system designed to create results instantly
=>  Get the exact templates that will have your phone ringing off the hook & website buzzing!
=> Same marketing system that Dave's personally used in his business.

                              A $997 Value - FREE!
A very useful workshop Work Book with handouts and worksheets - for following along, taking notes, and creating your own 90 Day Investor Attraction ACTION PLAN so that you too can have your phone ringing and email buzzing with people excited to invest with you!

                              A $50.00 Value - FREE!
The Insider Secrets For Raising Millions! Training Program.
=>  3 Video Classes.
=>  Examples and templates. 
=>  another fantastic REFERENCE course for you to come back to as you do your deals.
There are insiders insights into raising capital with Russell Westcott (Don Campbell’s past right-hand man at REIN, and author of Real Estate Joint Ventures). There’s July Ono, who went from being divorced, bankrupt, unemployed and living in her parent’s basement, to having over 500 units in her portfolio ALL with investor partners. Plus there’s Paul Blacquiere, Canada’s #1 expert on using people’s RRSPs to fund your deals, and more…  

                              A $997 Value - FREE!

A Certificate Of Participation and Grad Photo with Dave!  

Not only will you attend this workshop and come away with a fully developed 90 day Investor Attraction ACTION Plan, you'll also have a handsome certificate of participation to display on your wall!

                                    Value:  Priceless :-)
A 1-on-1 Clarity & Capital Strategy Session with Dave!  You'll come away from your session and...
=>  Have a Crystal Clear Vision of Your Ultimate Real Estate Success 
=>  Uncover hidden challenges holding you back.
=>  Have a complete game-plan for attracting investors and raising money.
=>  Leave session renewed, focused and inspired!
=>  Your session is recorded for your future
                                    Value:  $500.00
Tickets: only $97 (or two for $147)
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 Kingston, ON, Apr. 18-19         |        Toronto, ON, May. 2-3        |        Winnipeg, MB, Jun. 6-7 
And Here's What's NEW For 2020 !
  • Create $5K-$10K in New Up-Front Profits From EVERY Deal! ​- Discover how to generate thousands of dollars in revenue at the beginning of every new deal you start. This could bet the 'tipping point' that allows you to quit your j.o.b. and do real estate full time, sooner rather than later!
  • ​Top 1% New Connection Skill.​ We're doing a NEW session that goes in depth into the absolute best skill you can develop to turn new contacts into fast friends, and prospective investors! This is the one thing that over 95% of people say they are terrible at, and you're going to learn and practice a fun technique that will turn you into a master of this skill in less than 30 minutes!
  • ​At Event Goal-Reaching Session.​ We want you to come away from this event with crystal clear CLARITY on exactly how much capital and how many investors you'll need to accomplish your real estate investing goals over the next 12-24 months. In addition to the amazing education you'll be getting at the workshop, you'll also be getting a 15-20 minute goal-reaching session to really set you off in the right direction.
  • ​Deal Profitability Discovery - We're going to dive in deep as to how much money you really can make on your 'average' deal. Many very experienced real estate entrepreneurs don't know exactly what a deal is worth to them until they go through this fun and enlightening bit of 'profit math' (the best kind of math). There's a good chance that this number is going to knock your socks off and inspire you to go out and do way more deals as fast as you can!
  • ​Dave's BEST Marketing Strategy EXAMPLE... Dave Dubeau has been involved in marketing extensively since 1993, and has created literally hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for his clients and himself.  Over all those years, there has been one marketing 'trick' that he has used in every business he's ever been involved in, and it works.  In fact, it has worked... Every. Single. Time. (especially when it comes to raising money). He's going to teach it to you AND give you an actual physical sample that you can use and model for yourself.
  • ​Create On-Demand WORD-OF-MOUTH Buzz About Yourself and Your Deals - Have you ever heard that nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing? That's true, however most people don't have the faintest clue about how to pro-actively generate it. Dave's going to share a Top-Secret Method that took him over 20 years to develop - a trick that will get you word-of-mouth marketing, virtually on-demand! (This is another training that Dave only does at his live workshops).
Listen to other real estate investor's comments about working with Dave Dubeau...
Rick Wheeler, St. Albert, AB 
"Rob and duplicate" Dave'ideas and strategies.
Gary Levesque, Victoria, BC
Our Workshop Goal: OVER-DELIVER!
Participants Share What They Thought About The Magnetic Investor Attraction Workshop.
What was your biggest takeaway from this  Workshop?
100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE
Attend the ENTIRE Workshop, and if you don't think you have gotten AMAZING value and training, just let us know for a FULL REFUND.  No Hassles, No Hard Feelings.

       You will be thrilled - or it's FREE!
Still not sure?  Listen to what actual participants say to
 anyone  who is 'on the fence' about attending...
Tickets: only $97 (or two for $147)
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WARNING!  Space at This Workshop Is Limited To
30 Attendees Maximum.
The MAGNETIC Investor Attraction Workshop is is such a hands-on, interactive experience Dave will only train a small group of serious people at a time, and depending on the venue that's available, that means 30 people MAX It's first-come, first-served.

Once it is full, registration will close down, and we may (or may not) open up a waiting list.  Don't take the chance!  Click below and Register now to reserve your spot!
 Kingston, ON, Apr. 18-19         |        Toronto, ON, May. 2-3        |        Winnipeg, MB, Jun. 6-7 

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The workshop sounds AMAZING...but why is it so inexpensive?  What's the catch?
You're right, this is a very low-cost ticket price for the caliber of training that it is, and the revenue from ticket sales doesn't even cover the cost of putting it on.  However, there's no hidden 'catch'.  The workshop IS amazing and Dave Dubeau goes all out and teaches you his entire Money Partner Formula process in depth over the two full days of training. 
Now to answer your question (and let you see behind the curtain) here's what's in it for Dave:  In addition to training you and teaching you everything he knows about finding investors and raising money, he is also going to offer you the opportunity to have him work directly with you to implement everything you'll have learned.  He has three different done-for-you/done-with-you Investor Attraction Marketing Services that he will show you, as well as a significant event-only special offer to encourage you to take action.  If you are interested (and qualified), great!  Dave will be happy to bring you on as a personal VIP client.  If you are a do-it-yourself person, that's okay too.  Either way, you'll get MASSIVE VALUE from attending this workshop.

Summary:  Dave's going to teach you exactly how to do it yourself, and he's going to offer to do it for you.  You decide which makes more sense for you.  How's that for full transparency!
What's the location of the workshop?
Exact locations of the workshops are provided to you immediately upon registration.  This is because we do not take last-minute registrations at the door.  
I'm brand new to real estate investing.  Is this a good event for me?
Probably not.  This is NOT a real estate 101 kind of training.  If you are brand new and just getting started, please go get some basic education around real estate investing and then come to this workshop.  Dave's training is ideal for those people who either...
a.  already have some direct experience investing in properties already, or...
b.  have at least taken some training and know what they are going to do.  
If you fit into either one of those categories, then yes, this workshop is right for you.
Is this one of those 'teaser' seminars where you just skim over a few basic real estate ideas, show me a bunch of examples, try to get me all excited and then high-pressure
up-sell me into buying a bunch of super-expensive real estate coaching / training?
Whoa!  It sounds like somebody has been hammered at a real estate seminar in the past.  So to answer your question, NO, that is not what we do.  Dave's philosophy is very different.  He is going to teach you his Money Partner Formula in depth and completely.  He's going to show you, step-by-step, exactly what to do and how to do it.  You're going to have a complete binder with all of the slides from all of the training sessions.  You're going to have tools and templates so that you can actually start doing the process right there at the workshop.  You're going to have the opportunity to practice and role play different techniques you are learning with other attendees at the event.  This IS the same kind of training that the 'other guys' try to up-sell you into with their expensive courses and coaching.  You would have to pay thousands of dollars to get this kind of training experience elsewhere (if anyone even had a training like this...which they don't).  You will leave this workshop with everything you need to start attracting investors and raising capital for your deals.

At the same time, Dave knows that there are some people in the room who would rather focus on their most important real estate activities (finding new deals and managing their current deals), and outsource what they're not so good at or don't have time for (like marketing to find investors).  That's why Dave has a variety of different ways that he helps his VIP consulting clients actually implement what you'll be learning.  These are done-for-you/done-with-you marketing services (not coaching) where he and his team actually DO what he's teaching you...FOR you.  Obviously due to the hands-on nature of these services, they aren't cheap, and they aren't for everyone...but they are very appealing for a certain kind of person.  Dave will show you what these services are, and offer incentives to take action - but there's no high-pressure sales shenanigans going on at this workshop.  Fair enough?  
I've already got experience working with investors and raising capital.  Is this workshop going to be worthwhile for me?
Yes.  In fact, you will probably get MASSIVE VALUE from coming to this training.  "Little hinges swing big doors", and just one or two little tid-bits that you pick up will help you find a lot more capital, much faster than what you're doing right now.  If you have been raising money the 'traditional' way by dialing for dollars, networking and endlessly chasing after investors, then learning how to turn that around and attract investors to you instead will be like the difference between riding a bicycle up a steep mountain (aka 'the old way') and riding a motorcycle up that mountain (aka 'Dave's way")!  Come check it out for yourself.  You won't be disappointed.
The dates / locations aren't convenient for me.  When are you coming back, or when are you going to put on a workshop in my city?
Dave only does a handful of these workshops every year, and they are usually in different cities depending on demand.  At every workshop there are people who have traveled great distances to attend (One time there was a gentleman who took a bus from Toronto all the way to Regina, Saskatchewan to attend this workshop...most people from out of town usually fly in, but he wanted to see the country so he took the two and a half day bus ride! ... He did decide to fly home afterwards though :-)

So if you are serious about growing your portfolio FAST by using other people's money, and you prefer having them reach out to you instead of you chasing after them....then you will either make the time to attend the workshop closest to you, or you will make the effort to get to one of the others...Don't wait for Dave to come to your area because it may not happen for a very long time.  
Tickets: only $97 (or two for $147)
Click below to RSVP your spot Today!
 Kingston, ON, Apr. 18-19           |         Toronto, ON, May. 2-3         |          Winnipeg, MB, Jun. 6-7 
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